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What Is Helios Charts (SOL)?

Helios Charts is a BEP-20 Utility Token launched on 04/08/2021 on the Binance Smart Chain by a team in the United States and Europe. It was designed to provide chart analytics for ERC-20/BEP-20 tokens, as well as decentralized limit trading. The token runs on a proprietary method called Adaptive Tokenomics that taxes each transaction on Buys/Sells and returns a dividend Paid in $SOL tokens to its holders.

SOL relies on the following principles: - Utility token: 25% of the revenue made from advertising, partnerships as well as services will be used to buy $SOL and burn. - Adaptive Tokenomics: a crucial factor to carefully safeguarding the growth of the token as the taxe rates on Buys and Sells are separate values, which are modified depending on the trading volume. - Dividends Paid in $SOL token: 33% of the total tax rate on buys/sells is paid as dividend to its holders. Example: If the tax rate is 10%, 3% goes to the holders. - Automated Buyback: 33% of the total tax rate on buys/sells is collected and used to buy back $SOL at times where volume is low, this helps to encourage stability, which is supported already by its utility.

$SOL's value proposition lies in its constant research of achieving good User Experience (UX). Realizing the importance of providing a seamless experience, we have focused on development improvements to display the data in the most accurate manner. For instance, we have noticed the implications of displaying the Marketcap in a way that truly reflects what is on Etherscan/Bscscan, without things like that, most holders' buying decisions are impacted.

Moreover, it will: - Check for unsafe projects thanks to their partner Hoodrat (becomes Ratify), by using their AI-based Risk Assessment Tool - Provide price bots and real-time chart analyzers directly on Telegram - Enables limit swaps directly on the website to not miss a thing

How Many SOL Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Helios Charts launched on Pancakeswap on August 4th, 2021 with 1 billion SOL tokens created at genesis. 56% have been burned at launch.

Where Can I Buy Helios Charts (SOL)?

SOL is available for trading on Pancakeswap V2, with SOL and BNB pairs currently available.

To buy you need to go to Pancakeswap and paste the contract address of SOL, or click on the following link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap#/swap?inputCurrency=0xA36D5e816A6e72c99A5B53dcAF964aF500436D3e

What is Helios Charts' (SOL) roadmap?

The path going forward for Helios Charts is conditioned with its ability to raise the awareness and grow further its holder base.

The roadmap in order to increase the consumer adoption goes as follow:

  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Launch of Helios Charts V2 (Wallet function enabling limit trading)
  • Partnership with Ratify
  • Crypto Influencers Campaign
  • Donation to charity
  • Providing chart analyzers on telegram.

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