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ENV Finance, a platform for fundraising environmental projects with cryptocurrencies and get rewarded for it.


Classic crowdfunding does not work anymore, or better still, it’s working as usual but the concrete results are limited. It goes without saying that fundraising is a difficult task for every organization, because they ask people to trust them completely. Frequently contributors don’t even have the possibility to know how their money is actually spent and cannot follow the evolution of the projects they have funded. ENV Finance’s main goal is to give contributors total transparency of the money flow, from the initial donation to the final project reports; in addition, ENV Finance wishes to attract contributors by rewarding them for their donations, through a simple reward allocation program based on a ENV token, the new token introduced to Binance Smart Chain. Many big organizations like Greenpeace or WWF already accept donations in cryptocurrencies .


Transparency: all transactions are publicly registered in the Binance Smart Chain in real-time;

Traceability: every transaction, and every token transfer, can be tracked from its beginning, because all transactions and relative wallets are linked in the Binance Smart Chain.

Incentive: contributors are incentivized to donate tokens, so they can get a reward; it’s of common interest that funded environmental activities are actually completed.

Ease: for blockchain users it is very easy to use the ENV Finance fundraising system, it’s just a transaction from their wallet to the wallet of the project they want to fund.