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Earnbase is a decentralized platform that aims to make DeFi simple with a user-friendly dashboard and automation. The project goal is to allow newcomers to easily take part in DeFi with just a few clicks. It’s a project made by regular people for regular people.

ENB is the governance token for the earnbase ecosystem. It will be rewarded to all users in the ecosystem. Anyone holding the token will be able to participate in protocol decisions.

The earnbase product suite will include:

Earn: Deposit crypto to the platform (smart contracts). The platform will then continuously move your crypto across different protocols to achieve the highest yield. This is called automatic yield farming.

Save: Deposit a stablecoin to our platform (smart contracts). The platform will then automatically lend out your funds to the highest lending rate on supported platforms (like Compound & Aave). This is called a yield aggregator.

Vault: Deposit ENB to receive ENB rewards and take part in governance.

Swap: Swap between your favorite tokens directly from the dashboard.