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DarkMagick is a blockchain-based MMORPG and Solo Play video game with NFT and token in-game rewards, built on Binance Smart Chain.

We offer the first truly non-fungible gaming platform so all of the characters in the game are created by you, the Hero and they are created as a 1:1 NFT. This means when you mint your NFT Hero, no other player can mint your Hero avatar again. You can upgrade your Hero stats and skills by combining NFTs into your Hero via the NFT alchemy station.

DarkMagick is also the first NFT game with a full solo player story-mode which takes you through a journey down the Qabalistic Tree of Life to become a great Dark Magician dicovering NFT collectibles and token rewards along the way. DarkMagick also has an online Metaverse, Dungeon PvE and PvP mode allowing players to play online, earn rewards and grow rank together.