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Dark is described to be focused on building in the digital asset space. Instead of traditional finance domain and name, the bigger focus here is to build more products and features for DeFi, NFTs and other areas.

2%, 2,000 DARK was airdropped to all XIOT/bXIOT LPs equally. Meaning each LP address got the same amount regardless of how many tokens they were liquidity providing. XIOT and bXIOT were also airdropped to people and fair launched. The remaining 98,000 DARK was distributed via one of the 36 pools over a 10 day period. No more will be minted.

The use case of the token will evolve over time as more products are added. Right now DARK will be used as a governance token to create and vote on proposals. DARK will also be used for staking to earn fees from DarkSwap.

Initially 3% of revenue from DarkVaults will go to the treasury. The funds will stay locked and unused until the community decided what to do with the funds. Voting could use it to fund marketing, distribute to Dark holders or other ideas that arise. Treasury will be confirmed via future governance vote.