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CURE Price Live Data

Launched on Jan 18, 2021, by a team based in the United States, CURE Farm is a deflationary token that aims to maintain constant growth of liquidity by adopting mechanisms of fixed supply and mandatory community consensus. The entire amount of CURE tokens is 800K. There is no other way to create new tokens. Because of the contract buyback and burnt mechanism, the circulation of CURE will only decrease.

CURE has no presale, no pre-mining, no foundations and it is entirely operated by community governance. 200K CURE tokens would be used to add initial liquidity, and the other 600K would be produced through liquidity mining. In the first 15 days, 20K tokens can be mined per day. Halved every 15 days.

The liquidity farming pool will produce an extra 1% CURE token to reward the team. For those who unstake, 99% of the liquidity pool token will be deducted while 1% will be returned to the investor. Additionally, after liquidity mining starts, CURE will add 90 days liquidity lock on Uniswap. CURE contract will contain a 24 hours timelock, which means any action initiated from the dev team will be delayed and published for 24 hours.