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What is CBD Coin [CBD]?

The world’s first CBD coin that donates CBD products to the less fortunate that can’t afford natural medicine to treat their ailments. Every CBD Coin transaction has an automatic 9% transaction fee, which is then divided 3% to the Liquidity Pool, 3% for marketing, and 3% deposited for Charity Funds. Natural medicine can be rather expensive for those on SSDI, disability, government assistance and more. 3% of fees will cover the costs and will provide CBD to those in need to treat their ailments.

What makes CBD Coin Unique?

$CBD is a long term project. We have put in place some revolutionary token rules to help shape the future of the industry. We have locked founder and pre-sale tokens that will be unlocked at a rate of only 10% per week, and are also implementing a 1% transaction cap.

How many CBD Coins [CBD] Are There In Circulation? CBD Coin has minted 5 billion coins as Max Supply. 3 billion coins were initially burned. And 2 billion coins will be in the Circulating Supply.

Where can you buy CBD Coin [CBD]? CBD coins can be purchased on Pancake swap at the moment and on other exchanges in the future.