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What Is Bonkey dAPP (BNKY)?

The advent of deFi projects such as stable currency pegging (USDT, DAI), decentralized lending (Compound, AAVE), and decentralized exchange (Uniswap, Sushiswap) broadly advanced the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem. However, users of smart contracts nowadays can only play with these deFi tools and conduct the real activities off-chain, which will result in multiple problems:

1) Disconnection from the real-world activity: The off-chain activity and the on-chain deFi are decoupled, and there is no way to ensure trust between them; For example, if a company failed to use a token to pay salary, workers still need to seek to the centralized authority for protection.

2) Lack of fundamental support: deFi investors can only swap tokens on-chain, and there is no way for value investors to track and analyze the projects, which makes the swapping activities more like a speculative gambling game instead of a serious investment. Those people will quickly create a Ponzi game bubble and hurt the market in the long term.

3) Depreciation risk: Once an investor invests one coin in exchange for another coin if the project is not going well, the coin in the investor's hand might have the risk of depreciation, not to say the scammer project has the incentive to depreciate their tokens to gain instant profit.

4) Centralized control: Although any tokens can be listed in the Uniswap exchange, the showcase of the token in the dropdown list is solely under the control of list creators, and people usually not have the willingness to do their research search for a specific token, and buy whatever they see in the list.

Therefore, we proposed Bonkey (bit monkey) to help bridge the real-word working and investing activities by deploying a single, smart contract. Thus people can collaborate under the protection of the smart contract. We compare our contract more closely with a kickstart place for tokens with limited liquidity, it’s not a competitor with Uniswap, but more like a complimentary service to provide more information to the uniswap ecosystem.

How Many BNKY Coins Are There in Circulation?

Bonkey dAPP released the BNKY token on Feb 23rth 2021 100 million BNKY tokens created at genesis. The totally supply of BNKY is fixed.

Who Are the Founders of NEAR Protocol?

Bounkey dAPP is cofounded by Zhaoming Yin and Kai Yuan, both of whom has deep understanding of software engineering.

The two met while working at Alibaba in Hangzhou, Zhaoming then left for US to work for Google, while Kai worked for a block-chain start-up called TRIAS lab, they collaborated closely to create the Bonkey dAPP prototype.

Where Can I Buy Bonkey dAPP (BNKY)?

BNKY is available for trading on pancakeswap. We will list our tokens on additional exchanges.