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About beFITTER

Developed by VerseHub Global, beFITTER is a web3 fitnessfi and socialfi app that aims to make a healthy lifestyle irresistible. beFITTER follows the move to earn trend but in a sustainable direction. beFITTER’s aspiration is not to encourage users to run and earn continuously like a circle of boredom. beFITTER’s most important goal is to create a healthy and balanced ecosystem that enhances physical health through proper exercise and rest regimens. Almost all users' daily activities are counted and rewarded, even sleeping.

Who Are the Founders of beFITTER

The idea of beFITTER first originated at the beginning of 2022. Every effort mentally and physically has been put into the project to make it possible for users to develop and maintain a beneficial lifestyle.

Ba - Co-Founder: Ba has broad experience working on multiple notable blockchain projects and has evaluated and advised over 30 projects.

Thai Trieu - Art-Director: he is a professional artist with over 8 years of experience in the gaming industry as a concept artist and illustrator. Thai has a profound knowledge of fiction, films, and games with various themes from several international projects that he has worked on.

Trang Doan - Product owner: has 2.5 years working as a Product Owner, 8 years of experience in software development. She is also a mentor on mentori.

Ha Nguyen - Head of development: has 10 years of experience developing finance and education applications, 1 year working in the blockchain industry. He also has outstanding skills in team management and leadership. In total, beFITTER’s team consists of more than 20 members who are well-experienced in large-scale software development and have deep knowledge of blockchain technology.

What Makes beFITTER Unique?

beFITTER - a place where health comes first and all fitness activities are formed and encouraged by the earning system. Users will have their NFT shoes collection at beFITTER, each uniquely designed and generated with blockchain technology. For example, users can wear NFT shoes, stroll on the road to buy a cup of coffee, take short steps across the street, and run or ride a bike every morning; all are integrated with earning features. Simply put, any everyday fitness activities are valuable in beFITTER.

Apart from that, beFITTER is also a platform for collectors, those who sell or lend shoes, and even customize their own unique pair of shoes to sell as NFT is also possible.

beFITTER aims to encourage millions of people to live a healthier lifestyle, combat climate change, and connect them to Web3. In the long run, beFITTER will become a brand new Web3 based on users’ needs. Shoes NFT: Every sneaker will have different qualities. Users can freely burn tokens to elevate their shoes to a new level and mint new shoes.
Move & Earn: equipped with NFT shoes, can move outdoors to receive Tokens in beFITTER.

Rent feature:

Fixed rent: The owner can list his/her digital assets (NFT) on the marketplace together with terms and conditions, including rental duration, listed price,... The renter can then have full access to the asset (the pair of shoes) for the contract duration. Share profit: Similar to the fixed rent feature, the owner can list his/her digital asset (NFT) on the marketplace and find who wants to borrow them. The revenue earned by using that NFT will be shared between the lender and the borrower (the lender decides the percentages in advance) In-app NFT marketplace: Users can trade their NFT on the marketplace. Token swap: Token swap allows users to trade directly between two types of tokens as an atomic transaction; also, users can trade their tokens into stable coins for further purposes. Decentralized wallet: Decentralized cryptocurrency wallets give you complete control of your digital assets — without platform supervision.

What kind of token? What kind of tokens? beFITTER offers two tokens, HEE (Health token) and FIU (Social token), both of them are provided as incentives to users for playing the game. Health token is used to reward healthy activities while social token is used to reward activities involving social interaction such as challenges and socialfi; in the future, it will become a governance token when DAO is established.

The benefit of our token system: + Reduce pressure on the reward pool & prevent inflation. + FIU has utility from an early stage (Normal governance token has weak utility since they have to wait till DAO).