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During the first weeks from launching the token we will strive to reach a very large audience through sponsorships and contests. OurgoalistobelistedonCoinMarketCapandCoinGekoandthentofocuson paidexchanges. We want to make it as easyas possibletobuy the BEE token. Listing on exchanges and sponsorships will be of vital importance initially, which will allow our focus shift onto our charitable action goals. Thecontractwillnotberejectedinorder tobeabletocarryout requestsfor audits with the possibility of making changes if these are deemed necessary in order to lay solid foundations. Another manual burn could be possible in future following the development of our token and will of the community driving the scarcity of remaining BEE tokens. To make the token reliable we decided that once the preparations are complete, we will make personal presentations showing our faces. We know thisactionisvitalfor thetoken'swell-beingandinvestorconfidence. BytheendofMay2021,weaimtocarryoutanofficialAMAordertobeableto interact with the beating heart of our project, our community. In the coming weeks, therefore, our goal will be to seek growth opportunities suited to our needs and possibilities and to carry out the first aid in the field for the well-being of the planet.