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The Basenji Token is the governance token of BasenjiDAO, a community-led arts and digital content platform dedicated to sustainably empowering artists, content creators, and their supporting communities. All BSJ tokens are earned through various types of protocol activity, resulting in a highly efficient, mutually-synergistic ecosystem enabling scalable growth of creativity, innovation, and community. Artists receive BSJ tokens for free when they join the community and release art through BasenjiDAO, with royalties accruing to the platform in exchange for their NFT/digital content sales being incentivized by BSJ and promoted within the BasenjiDAO community. Collectors receive BSJ airdrop rewards by acquiring art from artists in the community, simultaneously providing benefit to both the artist and collector. All royalties accrue to the BSJ cold storage wallet. BasenjiDAO will launch voting and governance in Q3 of 2021, at which point holders may vote on how to use the accrued royalties and remaining BSJ tokens not yet dispersed. Full details on our current and upcoming artists and creators can be found on