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AdMonkey is a Binance Smart Chain contract backed cutting edge Ad Serving platform with a vision of becoming the number 1 web app for projects both new and existing in the crypto industry.

The purpose of AdMonkey is to provide an easy-to-use, responsive CPC/CPM ad bidding platform where users can submit both text and banner based ad campaigns for publication on our database of publishers' websites.

The initial AdMonkey Ad Platform will be BETA released in Q4 of 2021, with the first BETA mobile apps due in Q1 2022.

The team behind AdMonkey are highly experienced in software engineering, digital marketing and financial analysis.

The project was launched on 11/7/2021 by a team based in Europe.

The tokenomics of the project are broken down as follows:

100 Million supply 40% of supply burned 40% of supply for future development & DEX/CEX listings 10% of supply for liquidity 10% of supply in circulation