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What is Arche Network (ARCHE)

Arche Network allows traders to create their financial contracts on the blockchain without doing any coding, making it easier to understand and implement without the need for a strong technical background. Arche treasury will support developers to build their financial product on Arche by using its contract factory and API.

What Makes Arche Network Unique?

  • Open Platform provides a range of tools including contract factory, oracle, open API,front-end.
  • Permissionless, Flexible and Unsecured, everyone can customize any parameters of financial contract including spot trade, derivative trade, ticket trade and so on.
  • All trades execute through a contract address and allow 3 trading patterns including peer to peer, peer to pool, pool to pool.
  • Support users to publish the financial smart contract on Web2.0 and other platforms.

Arche Token Function

Contract Creation Fee

Arche Token can be used to create a financial smart contract which can be customized to the users needs. ## Staking Rewards Users will get vArche as a form of staking reward when they stake Arche Token in DAO Governance. ## Voting To vote on the Arche DAO, users need to lock their Arche in order to get vArche to vote. All revenues on the Arche protocol will go to the Arche treasury, and its use is determined by voting. ## Trading Incentive Arche Token can be used to pay the trading incentive when the contract creator sets a pairing reward for his order.

Arche Network Use Cases

Customized spot trade contract:Serves non-standard spot transactions including bulk over-the-counter transactions, IDOs, and Auctions. Those transactions can be completed with customized contracts without third party guarantee while centralized exchanges and standardized products can't offer unique service.

Unique financial contract: Serves unique escrow including prediction、interest-bear asset trade、ICO ticket trade, there's no need for guarantee like group admin or centralized platform anymore.

Customized derivative contract: Serves forward contracts which is usually an OTC escrow, and based on forward contract, more OTC derivative markets like Futures、Options、Insurance can be served.