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100,000 ZOM
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100,000 ZOM

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About Zoom Protocol

Zoom Protocol claims to offer a smart contract-based swap/auction platform for everyone to swap tokens which includes a Fixed and Floating swap, Private OTC swaps, etc. In Zoom Protocol, sellers will be able to create a pool for swapping various ERC- 20 based assets to Ether with a set ratio and time limit (seller can end the pool before the end time ). In order to safeguard users from scams, users will have the option to verify the contracts beforehand and there will be a warning sign if the listed token contract is relatively new or rather unknown. Unlike the direct swap pools where the price is fixed, the Floating swap pools will have final price arrived for swap ratio, as per the user’s participation. The irrespective pool getting oversubscribed or undersubscribed, the final price will be calculated base on the value of Assets received and then the smart contract will execute the distribution based on the swap ratio arrived by the pool. Via Zoom Protocol, two (or more) parties can set up a private OTC pool, set the time lock, swap rate, and the whitelisted addresses who can participate, then do a safe and low-cost OTC swaps. The buyer will have the option to verify the token contracts and executed the swap once satisfied.