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YieldWars claims to be the next evolutionary step in Yield Farming and Community Governance. It aims to provide another step to be taken after users earn their yield - the yield token could be used for more than governance but for "battle".

It is described that each day, four communities will face off in one head to head battle each. Farmers-turned-Warriors stake $WAR and lend support in the form of voting for the community of their choice. Voting starts at 9 am PST each day and goes over a 24-hour period.

The team with the most votes is the winner and pillages 50% of the losing team’s yield as well as attains the glory of victory. The loser goes home and regroups in order to fight another day. The final match is where the most is up on the line, the winner eats 100% of the runner-up’s yield and is declared the victor of YieldWars.

The project's goal with YieldWars is to create a utility token that’s purpose is beyond merely just governance, but active participation.