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What Is Wise Token (WISB)?

Wise token is setting a new, ethical standard for DeFi. It is a fairly launched, fairly distributed, fully decentralized, audited, BNB-backed asset. This token represents an expansion and tokenomics upgrade for Wise token on Ethereum (WISE), which launched back in January 2021 and is backed by ETH, rather than BNB.

WISB is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Staking and insurance staking
  • Leveraged lending and borrowing (coming in Q4)
  • Providing liquidity to reserve pools and partner DEXs

How Many WISB Coins Are There in Circulation?

There was around 55.7 million WISB in circulation as of May 20th, 2021.

Wise token (WISB) has a 4% annual inflation rate, 3% is rewarded to users who stake, and 1% to those who reach Critical Mass status. A majority of the current supply is staked, which burns the tokens and then remints them, with interest, upon completion of the stake.

Who Are the Founders of Wise Token?

The full Wise token ecosystem was founded by Peter Girr, a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, with the help of Aaron Hason, a lifelong software engineer, and Vitally Marinchenko, who is also currently a Solidity instructor.

WiseSoft, LLC, the Delaware company that continues to build upon the Wise token ecosystem, employs a 6 member team, including two mathematicians who were formerly particle and theoretical physicists from two of Germany’s top universities.

Where Can I Buy Wise token (WISB)?

WISB is available for trading on a growing number of decentralized exchanges; Pancakeswap, Zero Exchange, and on the Wise token website.