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What Is Werecoin (WRC)?

The Werenode platform allows anyone to share their Electric Vehicle charging station. With our mobile app and public smart contracts, you are compensated when you share your own charging equipment with other EV users. Our framework allows a simplified path to new EV services (Plug & Charge, Smart Charge, V2G, Green electricity brand ...), energy consumption / production and fleet management of EV charging stations. We invite other players to join this disintermediated market to promote the development of the EV charging network by maximizing the amount of information stored in the blockchain. Werecoin (WRC) is the native utility token used to pay transactions and get paid for energy services (ex: V2G)

How Many WRCs are in Circulation?

89.5 billion WRC tokens is the total supply. The token is both on BSC and XTZ. The SmartContract for EV Station Ledger is on Tezos.

Who Are the Founders of Werenode ?

The company Werenode was born in 2018 from the junction between a team of senior experts in crypto and a team of senior experts in Electric Vehicles. The group emerged in the innovative ecosystem of Paris-Saclay, France, the so-called French Silicon Valley.

Where Can I Buy Werecoins (WRC)?

WRC is tradable on popular DEX like Pancakeswap, Quipuswap or spicyswap

What Makes WRC Unique?

The WRC is at the interface between cryptos and EVs. Half electric, half cryptographic, Werecoin is a unique initiative to blend the full power of traceability plus crypto payments with new electricity prosumer models.