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WENWEN Protocol takes inspiration from the central bank model in the real financial world. It attempts to design a protocol that stabilizes the stablecoin's peg rate through open market operations (market-making) via a simple and effective "algorithm-central bank model. The WENWEN Protocol integrates the central bank model with a variety of innovations, including the protocol-controlled value (PCV), dual token system, and multi-stablecoin pairs. PCV: Utilizing the central bank model does not imply centralization. Instead, the protocol's smart contracts control all funds raised in the vault during the genesis period, including the initial tokens issued. The Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) is only used to add liquidity and stabilize the price, which cannot be taken out of the vault. Dual token system: WENWEN Protocol will issue WENWEN stablecoins pegged to different fiat currencies for users' convenience. Currently, the protocol has issued three stablecoins, namely the USDN, JPYN, and EURN, which are pegged to the US dollar, Yen, and Euro, respectively. Over time, more currency pairs will be issued depending on the community demand. Variety of stablecoins: In addition to the stablecoins, WENWEN Protocol has also issued a governance token, SHAREN, which is the non-stable token in the protocol. The WENWEN stablecoins have similar characteristics to convertible bonds, while SHAREN has identical attributes to convertible shares. Holders of the tokens can claim pro-rata rewards. For example, if the USDN price is higher than $1, holders of the SHAREN will receive USDN rewards. If the USDN price is less than $1, holders of the USDN will receive SHAREN rewards. Therefore, the reward mechanism will also create additional arbitrage opportunities, where users can choose which tokens to trade and hold based on the price deviation. Thereby this mechanism also promotes the stability of the stablecoin's price. The ultimate goal of the WENWEN Protocol is to provide a highly scalable, decentralized algorithmic currency without collateral.