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WEI Price Live Data

WEIcrypto - is a decentralized financial ecosystem (DeFi) for convenient and profitable using of cryptocurrency in everyday life. Ecosystem consists of WEI coin, WEIpay payment system and WEIpartner loan service.

WEI is an open-source coin with two layers blockchain (miners and masternodes), and is the main asset of the WEIcrypto ecosystem. WEI transaction takes no more than a few seconds. WEI mining method (WEIback) allows to mine WEI by making sales and purchases.

WEIpay is a payment system for sending and receiving WEI for individuals and organizations. With WEIpay user can make a transactions not only by wallet address and QR-code scanning, but also by a recepient phone number or NFC tag. WEIpay provides an absolutely free clearing service for points of sales to accept WEI as a payment.

WEIpartner - an interest-free loan service for startups from every sphere. The decision to approve the loan is made by voting of the blockchain nodes. To repay the loan user just need to add WEI as one of the payment forms.