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Vybe is a modular, decentralized finance protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. Together, multiple vybe modules form a unified step forward for the industry.

Our contracts were built from the ground up with upgradability in mind, which uniquely positions Vybe for flexibility in the future.

Vybe is required to utilize modules, providing intrinsic value to the Vybe ecosystem. You can stake your Vybe to enable the ecosystem and increase your holdings.

Vybe is the underlying token of the modular Vybe ecosystem and will be entirely distributed to the community based on participation, with no pre-sale. Outstanding fractions of the token supply are held with the DAO and distributed according to community decision via the DAO.

Staking loyalty is addressed through a tiered loyalty program. Rewards are counter-weighted in a fashion where they receive more rewards as their staking duration increases. Additionally, the loyalty program will serve as the foundation for more favorable terms within Vybe.