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Vibraniums is Community owned NFTs marketplace on Binance smart chain -Started with a vision to "build the world's most Community driven NFTs marketplace of 21st Century",

Meet $VIBRA- Vibraniums Native Utility token is used for: -Voting for platform development, Settle and fund the transaction and Platform perks.

Staked $VIBRA tokens will allow users to vote on proposals and moderate platform content.

How Many $VIBRA Coins Are There in Circulation?

$VIBRA token relaunched at Binance mainnet on 14th June 2021, with 1 Trillion $VIBRA tokens created at genesis. approximately 10% supply is added to pancakeswap. 100% liquidity is locked at DxSale for 1 Year.

Our tokenomics: For every transaction, there will be a 10% transaction fee. 4%- Existing investor 3%- Liquidity pool 2%- Burn 1%- Marketing Wallet

Where Can I Buy $VIBRA?

You can buy $Vibra at Pancakeswap. pancakeswap: