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About Titano

What Is Titano (TITANO)?

Titano (TITANO) is a financial protocol that simplifies the staking process by offering auto-staking and auto-compounding.

Titano Finance segment aims to transform DeFi services with the Titano Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP). The concept of the auto-staking protocol is that users buy TITANO tokens and store them in their wallets, receiving rewards for holding coins. TAP follows a buy-hold-earn strategy, offering one of the highest fixed APYs of 102,483.58% and rewarding users/stakers every 30 minutes (that's 48 times a day).

The TITANO token is deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and designed to provide high APY without having to stake the token on the platform, and the positive rebase formula ensures that additional tokens are distributed to a wallet every 30 minutes.

Titano's goal is to become the fastest and most profitable staking platform, the company's strategy is focused on high rewards and fast payouts. According to the project, Titano investors can receive a daily reward of 1.89%, paid every 30 minutes.

Titano Finance was established in November 2021, and by February 2022, it had a market cap of $120 million. The growth spurt was fueled by the launch of the TITANO PLAY function in January 2022.

Who Are the Founders of Titano?

As of April 2021, the team is developing Titano Finance products anonymously. Titano argues that they want to gain recognition through their project so that the community is naturally formed around the product, and not around the names and achievements of team members. The safety of the team is also a factor in maintaining anonymity.

What Makes Titano Unique?

The main advantages of the project that meet the interest of users include a fixed annual percentage yield (APY), fast rewards and security.

Titano Finance is a DeFi company that aims to contribute to the crypto space through an innovative approach in the development of projects and tools. One such example is the TITANO token, which provides a stable and fixed APY equal to 102,483.58% (1.899% per day). After purchasing TITANO tokens, users automatically start receiving rewards in their wallets, without time limits, without staking procedures. These rebase rewards are arriving every 30 minutes, 48 ​​times per day, and every day.

Benefits for $TITANO holders:

When buying tokens, autostaking occurs directly in a user's wallet. There is no need to move tokens to the platform, which makes autostaking of Titano simple and secure activity;

The Titano protocol pays out a fixed APY;

Titano is one of the fastest auto-staking protocols in the industry, according to the project.

The concept of the Titano (TITANO) project is based on the TITANO Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP), which consists of a number of price and reward factors. TAP Features:

Buy and Sell Fees. The profitability of TITANO is provided by the fees for buying and selling of tokens on the Titano platform. In fact, the fees for selling is higher than for buying;

Risk-Free Value (RFV). When users buy/sell TITANO, part of the fees goes to RFV, then tokens are distributed every 30 minutes. So RFV is a way to pay rebase rewards;

Treasury is a project reserve where trading fees are allocated.

At the beginning of 2022, Titano introduced the TITANO PLAY feature to token holders. The project works like a lottery which rewards 10 winners.

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How Many Titano (TITANO) Coins Are There in Circulation?

TITANO is a BEP-20 token powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). TITANO rewards token owners with a positive rebase formula and utilizes the Titano Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP).

TITANO crypto is Titano Finance’s native currency with automatic staking & compounding and with an elastic supply. In other words, TITANO doesn't have a maximum supply.

The tokenomics of the auto-staking protocol is as follows: the network collects transaction fees, which are spent on staking rewards. To stabilize the TITANO token and support rewards, the percentage (5%) of transactions sent to RFV, or the Risk-Free Value. 3% of purchase transactions and 8% of sales are allocated to the Treasury. Treasury reserves fund the development of new products/services, as well as marketing. Another 5% of the transaction fees goes to the liquidity pool.

Due to the fees (13% for buys and 18% for sells), Titano provides token holders with a stable and high yield of 102,483.58%, and by storing tokens in wallets, users automatically increase the benefits.

How Is the Titano Network Secured?

Titano (TITANO) has been audited by CertiK, a blockchain security firm for blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. CertiK applies cutting-edge formal verification technology on smart contracts and blockchain networks. Details of the report, which includes the results of stress testing of key performance indicators, can be viewed here.

Previously, in November 2021, the TITANO smart contract was audited by Solidity Finance.

Where Can You Buy Titano (TITANO)?

TITANO token is available on Titano Swych DEX. In addition, the PancakeSwap exchange platform is the best option for buying, selling and trading TITANO crypto coins, as of April 2022.

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