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1,038,925,778 ROOT
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12,000,000,000 ROOT
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12,000,000,000 ROOT
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Nov 21, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Nov 21, 2023 (6 months ago)
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About The Root Network

The ROOT token is the primary token of The ROOT Network (TRN).

What Is The Root Network (ROOT)?

The Root Network is a new Layer 1 which is designed as the hub of the open metaverse where anything can be connected to anything.

The Root Network is purpose-built for the open metaverse with core, UX and digital content focused protocols to enable seamless user experience and enhanced asset interoperability across the open metaverse.

The Root Network prioritizes user experience and safety with built in account abstraction and features like it's any token gas economy enabling some of the world's largest content brands to onboard users seamlessly and safely.

The Root Network is EVM compatible built on Substrate integrated to XRPL and ETH with other networks on the horizon allowing content and accounts on those networks to access deeper functionality and more interoperability in the open metaverse.

Who Are the Founders of The Root Network?

The Root Network is an open-source community project founded by Futureverse. Futureverse is a global media tech powerhouse headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with offices all over the world.

Futureverse began by rolling up 11 technology and content companies with the aim of building the true foundations of the open metaverse. Futureverse was founded by Aaron McDonald, Shara Senderoff, Marco Brondani and Daniel Gillespie.

Futureverse has brought its substantial expertise in web3, AI and entertainment, along with IP from some of the world's most notable brands, to bootstrap the applications on The Root Network.

What Makes The Root Network Unique?

The Root Network has been designed specifically to enable better user experiences for new users to web3 and better interoperability for builders of content-oriented applications.

An integrated range of core runtimes for developers makes it easy to build content-oriented applications without having to build their own smart contracts.

The Root Network has a unique rewards economy that collects fees from a range of network activities and creates a pool of rewards for anyone participating in the network by validating and nominating.

Some of the Protocols prebaked into The Root Network are:

Core Protocols

Our NFT Runtime allows you to create digital collectibles and tokens that can be used and exchanged across different applications, experiences and destinations in the open metaverse without having to build your own contracts.

The In-Chain exchange lets developers create liquidity for their digital assets without having to deploy smart contracts.

The built-in digital collectibles protocol gives the ability to create and trade digital collectibles without the need for smart contract code.

UX Protocols

The Root Network has a unique any-token economy designed to simplify user on-boarding and optimize the gas fee economy for both user and validators. This allows developers to pay gas fees in any token or pay them on behalf of your users.

The Root Network natively supports asset bridges to power both the transfer and referencing of fungible collectibles, non-fungible collectibles and arbitrary data between blockchains.

Create, own and manage your own digital identity using The Root Network. Our native identity protocol and account abstraction enables a secure web2-like authentication experience allowing users to establish a persistent and secure digital identity that can be used across multiple metaverse applications and experiences.

Our built-in smart wallet account abstraction enables users to on-board using a familiar web2 experience and enhances user safety for digital assets.

Metaverse Protocols

The Asset Register and tooling assists builders in defining digital assets to ensure their compatibility with a wide range of applications in the open metaverse for enhanced interoperability.

The Root Networks social data protocol adds a range of new graph-based features to support data interoperability, social networking and storage capabilities for metaverse applications.

The Root Network is equipped with a native protocol for the ownership of AI powered collectibles. The Altered State Machine AI protocol allows metaverse builders to create applications and experiences power by AI agents that are ownable and tradable by their owners.

How Is the The Root Network Secured?

ROOT is the network token used by node validators and delegators to secure the Proof of Stake network. The network uses a NPoS (nominated proof-of-stake) mechanism with validators and nominators. Nominators back validators with their tokens. These staked tokens maximize chain security by making it prohibitively expensive to misbehave.