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STIMA is an Asset-Backed token, that allows any person to have an independent estimation of their real world assets, that once recognized as tokens, can either be held, exchanged or converted into any other asset on our blockchain.

STIMA accepts the following types of assets: Fine Art Jewellery Wine & Spirits Vehicles Watches Books and documents Collectibles Copyright

At any time, the balance of the certified value of the assets held in our reserves will be equal to the total of the STIMA-tokens in circulation.

This simple configuration more easily supports a reliable Proof of Reserves process; a process that is fundamental to maintaining a minimum price value between the STIMA-tokens in circulation and the underlying properties held in the reserves. In fact, every token in circulation is guaranteed by the assets placed as collateral.

STIMA offers a CROSS PROPERTY SHARING service, developed on blockchain, "an electronic exchange and / or payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, which allows two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a third party trusted ".

CPS (cross property sharing) is a process based on the VALUE STANDARD principles, which as in the GOLD STANDARD, the value of the unit of measurement (STIMA-token) is given by the value placed as a guarantee, in the case of an ESTIMATE by the value of the assets.

Each unit of STIMA obtains its value from the quantity and quality of the assets placed as collateral, which stimulates the presence of a minimum exchange value.

How Many STIMA Coins Are There in Circulation?

STIMA is based on the principles of the VALUE STANDARD which provides that each STIMA-token issued in circulation is supported in a "assets / tokens number" ratio, in fact STIMA issues new tokens every time an asset is accepted into the system.

You can find more information on the social iterations of the VALUE STANDARD at this link. 
The STIMA-tokens are subject three conditions of circulation: - locked tokens (when the asset is part of the PROOF OF VALUE) - unlocked tokens (tokens that are part of the PROOF OF LIQUIDITY or when the asset is part of the PROOF OF RESERVE) - tokens burned (when tokens have been used to withdraw an asset that are part of the PROOF OF RESERVE)
 At this link, posted on our website, you can see the current status of our tokenomiks

At this link you can find more information about the VALUE STANDARD

Who Are the Founders of STIMA?

STIMA was born from an idea of Maxim Tchmil and Alex Khamraev, the extensive experience of both covers several sectors such technology, fine art, automotive, fashion and others.

The two met in 2019 and started working on brokerage processes, this activity they generated questions that were answered in STIMA.

The founding team was joined by Alessandro Gherzi, a person with more than 20 years of experience in the banking sector, who helped to perfect the valuation and exchange processes of assets.

STIMA has based its development model on outsourcing and today it involves more than 20 people, including programmers, lawyers, intermediaries, sector experts, critics and journalists.

Where Can I Buy STIMA (STIMA)?

STIMA will not be sold through processes such as PRIVATE SALES, ICO, IDO, IFO or other, but will be directly listed on centralized exchanges.

The first listing is scheduled for May 1st, A STIMA / USDT pair is initially foreseen and copies with BITCOIN and ETHEREUM will be introduced subsequently.

How I can Mint STIMA Tokens?

There is no other way to mine STIMA than transforming a physical asset. Fill out the validation form with the description of your property, if it respects the STIMA parameters, it’s simple to obtain an estimated amount of STIMA in your wallet!

  1. Register your personal CRYPTO WALLET Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, your personal CRYPTO WALLET equips you with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange—everything you need to manage your digital assets.
  2. Upload your real world asset using our form. Send us all the information of your asset, to pass the validation process. Compile the form with detailed information of your item and Upload a picture with the qr-code on your wallet.
  3. Receive STIMA tokens on you wallet The asset will be estimated by our team of experts. The estimated value will be accredited to your wallet in locked STIMA tokens. To unlock the tokens the assets needs to be verified.

Any STIMA-token issued is locked until the item is delivered to an accredited certified vault.

What is the Cross Property Sharing by STIMA?

STIMA offers a CROSS PROPERTY SHARING service, developed on a blockchain, an electronic exchange and / or payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, which allows two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a third party.

STIMA simplifies difficult buying and selling processes such as: negotiation, evaluation, subjective value and market accessibility, by simply selling or buying STIMA tokens on an exchange.

STIMA allows any token holder to access the cross property sharing platform. Tokens play the role of a unit of measurement to quantify the value of a certain asset.

You can use STIMA tokens to redeem assets. This process allows for the exchange of assets, without having to sell them according to the conventional buying and selling process.

How the Crypto Value Standard is calculated? The Value Standard is a cryptocurrency in which the monetary base is given by the value of properties against which the tokens were issued.

STIMA is a crypto-currency that allows the convertion from real world assets into tokens and vice versa.

The minimum capitalization value of STIMA is equal to the total value of the assets that are stored by STIMA.

The value of the properties is determined by the value stipulated in the asset's insurance policy.

The main advantage in adopting this approach consists in the stability of the exchange rates, as the minimum value of the coins does not depend as much on the supply and demand of the same, but on the overall value of the underlying assets.

Therefore, unless the token devalues, under the Value Standard the eco-system will enjoy the advantage of a fixed minimum exchange rate.