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SolidityLabs is a one-of-a-kind Elite Cybersecurity for Blockchain Organizations, Advanced Penetration Testing, Smart Contract Audit & More. We support all projects, big or small, SolidityLabs also returns a certain percentage of every service we complete back to the SolidityLabs token as a dividend. While we place a great deal of emphasis on security, our community is also a top priority.

Transparent, thorough, and custom audit reports are what we provide. In addition, the report includes a description of any detected vulnerabilities, with their severity categorized (Critical, Major, Medium, Low, and Informational), along with suggestions for remediation. Detailed diagrams give you an overview of the project and help you understand where the identified vulnerabilities are coming from.

We will take care of your company no matter the difficulty or time needed, backed by the years of experience of SolidityLabs' developers. Additionally, we use game-changing technology and up-to-date equipment to fulfill all of your needs.

SolidityLabs' functionality: Each service completed returns a certain amount of dollars back into the $SolidityLabs token. This is independent of the 2% manual buyback tax we have in place from our 10% total tax.

By using 6% of the marketing funds, we aim to attract investors who are interested in becoming a part of the next big audit/security project. This will overtake CertiK and other major auditing firms that overcharge their clients because it is simply a cryptocurrency project and they feel the right to place a monopoly on the auditing business because of there entitlement.

Additionally, we offer a 25% discount for any service we offer if they choose to pay with our token, $SolidityLabs. Our team is still developing ideas and plans to expand the use of our token.

Types of Audit Services: We can review smart contracts across each significant convention and program language, including C++, Solidity, Go, and JavaScript. Stressed over your savvy contract security? Our group of specialists can review even the most perplexing brilliant contracts, from gambling contracts to consensus mechanisms. We don't just stop hacks, we keep them from occurring. Ensure that all assets are safe and get perhaps the most vigorous audit accessible.

Whatever your needs are for smart contracts, from cryptocurrencies to NFTs, we have the team to make them! We can provide solutions for any and all requirements you're interested in your smart contract.

Why Us?

Because smart contract audits alone cannot guarantee your company's security. We bring award-winning, blockchain-savvy, ethical hackers to your company to protect the services and applications that work directly with your preferred protocol from cyber attacks.

Need a Smart Contract Audit or other Security Service quote or have a question/concerns?

Please send us a message through our direct contact form located on: and we will get in touch as soon as possible.