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About Simply

We analyze presales and young projects on the market and make them simple for you.

A new crypto project is not just “a gambling decision”, it is a business model, it is a team that performs it and it is a technological contract that supports it. We take care of analyzing each pre-sale, and we create a report in simple words about Security, Business Model and more, allowing you to make a better and informed decision about whether to invest or not.

At Simply, our main objective is to make the pre-sales that occur every week transparent, informing about important and relevant aspects in a simple and complete language, at the same time graduating with a score from 1 to 10 on a security scale for those who seek to invest. In a presale we will obtain simply understood information and also an “interpreted” version that helps investors to evaluate a presale before investing money.

Currently there are pages that try to do things like this, but none have complete scrutiny as the Simply project. We wil not only limit ourselves to publishing basic information about a token but we wil also interpret the functions that the technological contract of the currency contains, explaining into detail what the developer of that contract can and cannot do.

We will analyze the business model behind the token to know if it wil alow it to be sustainable over time or not. We wil analyze the development team and ask appropriate questions to be able to make the team's project transparent and trustworthy behind every presale project.

We firmly believe that Simply will be a tool that will allow its subscribers the real possibility to start investing in the crypto market with more information and therefore emphasizing and working hard on the security of the investor.