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Shinfloki is a master Floki Shinobi acting in stealth to interrupt the ties to centralized finance. ShinFloki is a Bsc token that generates passive income to holders just by holding and receiving a percentage of auto reflections on every transaction with a primary use case developing an easy to use dapp, dashboard and nft character collection with Staking features for huge apy and future Play to Earn gaming access.

ShinFloki Mission This saga begins with a mission for freedom, fueled by the vision of ShinFloki acting in stealth for the people to interrupt the ties to traditional / centralized finance and forge the path to an entirely decentralized and community driven project. This is for the people with ShinFloki as our leader. ShinFloki aims to be a hallmark brand in the anime project sector. Our unique project fundamentals ensure long term success and growth. Holding this asset will provide 3% native token reflections, first access to unique nft art collections which will fund project with major buy backs to avoid dumps, marketing and charity initiatives.