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What Is Sensitrust (SETS) ?

The SENSITRUST project will exploit Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to develop an innovative platform that will positively impact and solve many existing issues in the job market. The SENSITRUST platform will be tightly coupled with the Blockchain, fostering safety and transparency, reducing the need of a trusted and centralized entity in charge of managing the information.

The Sensitrust platform will connect customers and professionals, offering to the whole community the possibility to: * Hire a Team made of one or more professionals from a catalogue. * Setup a ”Call To Action” specifying the funds available, time constraints, and project requirements.

What are the main points of innovation of Sensitrust?

  • Foster safety and transparency
  • Certify the identity and the reputation of professionals
  • Guarantee the satisfaction of specifications and constraints during the project development
  • Adoption of smart contracts to define and verify agreements in working relationships
  • Enhanced data management
  • Integration of AI methodologies with Blockchain technologies

What are examples of use cases defined for the SETS token?

The SETS token is a utility token that is used for accessing platform services at a discounted price, such as:

  • Membership Subscriptions
  • Platform Consultant
  • Product / Service Guarantees
  • In-Platform Training

What is the innovative approach of interactions between professionals and customers?

Each agreement between professionals and customers will also include the definition of a maximum number of revisions allowed, as well as expected penalties in case of delayed delivery, or rewards in case of early delivery. All the operations performed in the platform will have the possibility to be regulated by Smart Contracts: agreements, quality of the results, temporal constraints, checkpoints and revisions will be governed, in a decentralized, immutable, and certified manner.

Once the work is completed, the result is subject to a deep evaluation by the customer, by external expert reviewers and by an AI engine. An automated workflow, also supported by decentralized components ensures the fairness of the negotiations and the mutual satisfaction of customers and professionals.

Who Are the Founders of Sensitrust?

The company behind the Sensitrust project was founded in 2019 by three academic researchers. They have extensive experience in the fields of AI and full-stack development, including smart contracts development. Two co-founders hold full-time academic positions and have extensive experience in research projects. The project envisions the involvement of experts and advisors in the field of blockchain, AI and Data Mining, financial consultants, and personnel with specific knowledge in different job market fields.