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Securabyte protocol is a autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. No need to provide liquidity to receive rewards. Securabyte have a multifunctional system which gives staking, farming and Liquidity provider rewards without staking or providing liquidty. Simply hold $SBYTE (Securabyte) in your wallet and you will get rewarded.On each transaction Securabyte protocol automatically distributes rewards to holders and auto-locks liquidity.Securabyte combines yield farming,staking, liquidity mining and governance rewards in a single system with doing anything.Securabyte protocol is built to reward holders while increasing in both value and liquidity.  Securabyte charges 8% tax on each transaction. 3% tax is redistributed to all $SBYTE holders. 5% tax goes to liquidity forever after splitting it up 50/50 in BNB and $SBYTE. FEATURES 1.Permanent burn in black hole. we will burn 50% of the total  supply after of $SByte launch and send it to a  black hole address. As this address also  participates in the protocol, it  accumulates more tokens, effectively  removing them from circulation.It helps in scarcity of SECURABYTE. 2.Auto-locking liquidity 5% of each transaction is locked to  liquidity forever. This contributes to  lower volatility and a continuously  increasing price floor. 3. Staking rewards In BNB or BUSD Securabyte also in plans to have a diffrent staking system in which $Sbyte stakers can earn BUSD or BNB as rewards depends upon availability of funds. 4. NFT conceptualization and NFT marketpalace Securabyte also in plans introduced Secura NFts and its NFTs marketpalace as which as we all know that this ERA is of NFTs after Defi.