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SAFETREES is a techno-economic project for businesses and local tree growers who lead the fight against climate change. Our solution will allow companies to adopt verifiable trees to offset CO2 footprints and obtain carbon credits to boost their corporate social responsibility and sustainability claims.

We believe that helping others is the way we help ourselves. Thus SAFETREES!

SAFETREES project has the mission of eradicating corporate Greenwashing and double-counting problems in the voluntary carbon credit markets. We do this by providing an easy-to-use mobile application with transparent data recording to companies, individuals and local tree growers worldwide.

We work closely with companies, tree planters, forest restoration groups, and lawmakers to turn everyone a hero in global carbon neutrality.

Everyone can easily take part in global carbon neutrality.

Innovation that brings everyone closer to nature * Our tool lets everyone verify tree attributes, providing transparent records.

Enables everyone to generate tokenized tree assets * Utilizing blockchain to mitigate the risk of double counting trees.

Allows everyone to adopt a verified carbon sink * Deepening everyone’s appreciation of personal carbon emission offset.

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