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SAFERMOON Price Live Data

SAFERMOON is an audited RFI static reward token that benefits investors who hold. 10% trade fees provide a combination of rewards to token holders and liquidity, which increases SAFERMOON's price floor.

Launched April 28, 2021 with a team of 3, SAFERMOON splits the 10% fee: 5% is redistributed to existing holders, while the other 5% goes to a SAFERMOON-BNB pair on PancakeSwap. The devs have renounced all of their liquidity by sending it to an inaccessible wallet. This was done to eliminate the possibility of a rug.

Devs manually burn the dev portion of tokens to limit supply and benefit existing holders. A full list of burn milestones can be viewed on the SAFERMOON site.

The audit can also be viewed on the website, as well as detailed information about tokenomics.