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SafePlus based on Binance Smart Chain, is a token created to reward holders more, those who keep the token over time, earning not only from its appreciation but also from the passive income it generates. The first Token that gives 6 passive income, Plus Academy, Plus Finance and “Copytrading, the boost for People”. The latter (Copytrading), one of the most important milestone of the project, will allow people, who want to invest in Forex, to earn every day a very important passive income. Simply following open or closed positions done by our CEO (professional trader). How many times have you thought that it was stupid and useless to keep money in the bank at zero interest (actually, paying the account expenses)? SafePlus gives Financial Freedom.

Passive Income: 1. Reflection in BUSD 2. Reflection in BNB 3. Staking BNB 4. Staking SAFEPLUS 5. Staking BUSD 6. PLUS ACADEMY

Tokenomics Tax buy/sell 15%/15% that means: • 5% BUSD reflection • 4% BNB reflection • 2% Liquidity Pool • 2% Buyback • 1% Green Moon • 1% Marketing

Protection for Holders: Buyback, Green Moon, Massive Anti-Whale System.

PLUS ACADEMY: Holding a value of at least 2 Bnb in Safeplus, you can access our digital Academy for training in Forex, Stocks, Copytrading, Productivity, Time Management, Personal and Professional Growth for free.

Where to buy? - Contract: 0xf3aEF59EA17d3082F368387ffF073D5E05874ad9

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