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What Is Rielcoin (RIC)?

Rielcoin is a future token for financial freedom that provide a functional token for using cryptocurrency exchanges and payments worldwide. The goal of this project is tokens that can be exchanged with various tokens around the world to pay for other services , Lending Platform , Wallet Application, that provides convenience and benefits for users around the world.

Rielcoin will be a valuable token because of the wide community adoption, and the strong business model of RIC and our partners. In our vision, Rielcoin will be fully governed by the community and controlled by the DAOs and its own decentralized commercial network.

When Rielcoin was launched, all authorities were governed by RIC Team. As the community learns more about Rielcoin, we will gradually return all the rights to the community.

How Many Rielcoin Are There in Circulation?

Rielcoin launched its mainnet on Apr-02-2021 04:02:51 PM +UTC with 25,041,992 RIC tokens run on binance smart chain. 12.00% Marketplace Mining & Staking, 4.00% Operations, 10.00% Company Reserve, 12.00% Team, 3.00% Advisors, 10.00% Marketing & Partnerships, 4.00% Private Sales, 12.00% Seed Roud, 12.00% ICO Sales, 15.00% Exchanges & Liguidity, 1.00% Airdrops, 5.00% Ecosystem Fund.

Where Can I Buy Rielcoin (RIC)?

Rielcoin(RIC) is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, with cryptocurrency and [Decentralized Exchanges]pairs currently available.

PancakeSwap offers the largest number of pairs as of April 2021, while MDEX .