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Pup Doge's main development directions Pup Doge aims to become the most influential project in the world through decentralization. We are building blockchain projects of high quality, with audit, marketing & advertising, star endorsements, and a strong technical team. Despite our token status, Pup Doge is also a platform that provides access to a multitude of other products. In addition to Pup Doge cross-chain technology, Pup Doge new financial technologies, and Pup Doge blockchain games, the team will develop Pup Doge cross-chain technology.

Pup Doge cross chain technology Public chain projects have shown improved performance, however, each chain has its own distinct technical architectures, which are not linked to one another, so instead, they form an array of information. For DAPP developers, this can pose a problem when choosing which public chains to build. Pup Doge cross-chain technology enables the creation of different types of Blockchains. Collaboration between platforms involving the exchange of assets, information, and applications. The service enables data exchange between different blockchain networks and acts as a bridge between different public chains transmission, and greatly reduce the cost of transmission.

Pup Doge NFT The popularity of NFT continues to grow, and its features are indisputable, irreplaceable, and unique. A combination of art and finance can be found in the NFT System Box, which Pup Doge is launching shortly.

Pup Doge blockchain game The biggest difference between blockchain games and traditional games is that blockchain games not only consider entertainment, but also design reasonable economic models, an opportunity for early participants to create wealth. Traditional games' incentives are taken by game developers, while blockchain games' incentives are shared to all holders. More and more games have moved to the latest trends. Pup Doge's foresight has opened the team's eyes to new blockchain opportunities.