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POWERINU Price Live Data

Powerinu is a stakable cryptocurrency with a unique staking feature coupled to NFTs.

Holding our handcrafted NFTs will increase the APY reward for the investor and encourage holding and accumulating NFTs. Our goal is to eventually have multiple unique NFT collections for our investors to choose from, with every collection being limited and having a unique style. As the gaming sector is connecting to crypto more and more, gameification and play to earn will also be in our future plans as well.

Our tokenomics are pretty unique as they have a buyback for an affiliate coin included. There is also a tax that provides additional liquidity to ensure a smooth growth and a steady floor price.

Our community is continuing to grow, we started small with some experimental projects and our latest project managed to amass quite a few new people, creative heads and supporters. This is the foundation for our projects, we need the community to really get us to the next level and keep us as a team growing.

As for marketing, we are in contact with many bigger influencers and have quite a solid network on telegram that promote BSC tokens. Creating new relationships and friendships is one of the most important things we found as a team. We actually picked up some of our teammembers that way.

This token has a doxxed audit on dessertswap, they found no critical issues with the token. The liquidity is locked for 1 year on dxsale.

This token is made by CryptoTeamZero!

CryptoTeamZero was founded in March of 2021, amidst the bearphase of this bullrun. We got together and promised to make a name for ourselves in the BSC-scene, which stands for safe investments and a rugfree experience! This is why all our contracts have doxxed audits and we are transparent when it comes to every decision we make.

We always listen to what the community has to say and want to include their voice in our decisions! There are Voicechats held regularly for the community to hang out with us and talk their mind. We take any critique and suggestions seriously!

Trading our coins should feel good for everyone, you never have to worry about any liquidity issues, contract mistakes or minting functions in the contract with our coins! This is what we stand for!

We are constantly looking to expand our team and find new members that are competent!