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About Pixel Swap

Pixel-Swap is a platform intended to solve liquidity sniping, front running and liquidity locking for NFT trading in various NFT assets across different blockchains.

Pixel Swap aims to bring together all networks and NFTs under one roof, to ensure trades are safe and successful across all networks chains.

By offering traders the same solutions across all chains, you’ll be able to trade NFTs easily no matter the blockchain. Buy and sell your NFTs in synergy and simultaneously on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Solana. Low cost, simple, powerful, and fast.

Our Features No matter which blockchain you prefer using, or if you don't have the desired Nft's native token, you can still buy and sell your desired NFT on any blockchain.

Easy payments Automatic transaction swapping and routing to the right blockchain

Selling options Best option to sell your NFTs: powerful auction, fixed price, and best offer system

Low fees Our Marketplace fees are 1% on buy transactions and 3% on sell transactions.

Multi-assets format Images, Videos, Audio, and Documents with a categorization system via flexible metadata

Unique routing system The unique multi-channel router system allows the transaction amount to flow even if the buyer and seller are on two different channels

Personalized royalties Royalties are at the discretion of the seller who can determine the amount directly on the platform.