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Community tokens were all the rage in 2021, tokens of the likes of SHIB, FLOKI, and SAITAMA, DeFi looked to be breaking barriers many thought were not possible in the cryptocurrency space. However, for the few successful tokens, there were hundreds of failed projects destined to never see the light of day. So what then was the key factor of those few successful projects? Why did SHIB, FLOKI, and SAITAMA rise above the rest and thrive? Their Culture.

Every successful project of 2021 found success by not just being a community token, but by becoming a family, a community, and a culture that each individual could enjoy. If you joined these communities, you were welcomed with open arms. You were able to meet and talk with many others in different walks of life, and make relationships that lasted far beyond just the original project. The networks of people that existed in these communities created avenues that allowed people to further develop both inside and outside of the cryptocurrency space. The interconnection of individuals was the draw of these projects and this concept of networking, communication, and collaboration, is what Parma Token is all about.

PARMA is based on Parmesan cheese because cheese itself is representative of all forms of culture around the world. Types of cheeses are spread across the world and are noticeably different wherever you may go, but they all share one common trait, they are cheese. This is much like the community we are trying to build here at PARMA. We understand that each person in the community is an individual and brings their own unique skills to the table, but in the end, we all share the culture of PARMA. A unified family of PARMA holders that are able to enhance each other’s strengths and cover one another’s weaknesses.

PARMA is Culture.