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Panther Quant : Re-Defi(n)ing the Web3, Trading & NFT space!

The First ever NFT Marketplace for trading strategies integrated with a Layer 2 Algo-Platform that will act as an aggregator across CEX/DEX/DeFi playfields.

The platform will use Artificial intelligence to analyse the real time market sentiments and help the users hyper-optimize their trading strategies through Machine Learning.

Panther Quant: - first ever NFT marketplace for trading strategies integrated in a 'Layer-2 platform' - Safeguarding of users by Liquidity risk calculation on DEXs - HyperParameter-optimization of trading strategies through Machine Learning - Analysis of real-time market sentiments using AI. - works across CeFi/DeFi playfields hedging the exposure of the users to the crypto market - lowers barriers to enter crypto trading: users can simply lease out NFTs of successful traders.

Features: - traders convert their successful strategies into NFT and trade with users on our platform and earn rewards per transaction as NFT Creators. - advanced AI and ML algorithm developed: conducts real-time sentiment analysis to make informed decision. - Auto compound yield: simply connect wallet and choose to auto compound - DEX arbitrage with Flashloan: automates DEX arbitrage, scans flash loan opportunities, executes orders automatically after calculating the Liquidity & Price Differenciation.

Team: Experienced close-knit and team with a great background with combined relevant experience of 37 years. - Manav Bajaj, Founder - Exited as Director of a Consumer Complaint portal - Consumer Sathi which used AI to detect consumer complaints on Social Media Platforms. He has been an ex-producer at Bollywood. Manav has been in the crypto space since 2016/17. He is also a Coder and Lead developer at Panther Quant. Linkedin Twitter Telegram

Why we are bullish: - first ever NFT market place for trading strategies - HyperParameter-Optimization and Automated HPO. - Targetting 2500 to 4000 traders to start selling trading startegies from day 1 - Back-end is ready and UI is being worked upon (work-in-progress can be checked here. - 55k TG & Twitter active community (India, Asia, Canada, US, Vietnam, CIS, Europe)

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