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The NFT market has exploded this year with different projects leading the innovative scene and demonstrating that NFT is here to stay with more use cases being developed on a daily basis.

In the wake of meme-madness, we wanted to introduce something that our community can benefit from, instead of just buying random meme tokens just for the speculative value in the name itself, which will die out after one or two weeks of trending on top pairs.

PAMP is pamping the standards for meme coins by incorporating perks, real case use, and deflationary properties to the token.

PAMP’s Sexy NFT trading cards will bring more than just a .jpeg or .gif on the blockchain as some may think that’s exactly how useless NFTs are… PAMP’s NFT will be exciting and surprise the owners of these NFTs.

Once claimed, the owner can find all sorts of exclusive unlockable content/perks to help cope from rugs, loss funds, and #NSFW pleasures for those that had their wives or husband leave them due to poor “financial” management.

They may have set store value wrapped into the NFT (eth, kcal, soul), special links to exclusive online content, unlockable eye-teasing designs.

Collaboration with artist, content creator, community members and famous entertainers will be a main focus to drive demand. NFT collection and the mystery box game mechanic in place will be a big part of PAMP ecosystem.