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The Lost Land is the first tower defense strategy GameFi independently developed by Monster Labs and released on the GameBoy platform(a GameFi aggregator platform developed by Monster Labs). The game integrates various elements such as strategy, combat, role-playing, and social interaction, making the game more exciting and challenging.

The player's mission in the game is to use the scarce resources on this land to build fortifications, train soldiers, form guilds, and other strategies to strengthen their defense forces and protect the safety of the castle. Of course, you can also use your troops to attack other people's castles, and you can win the battle to get rewards like gold coins and building materials, and then expand your territory and build more advanced castles.

Open World: The Lost Land cancels the traditional GameFi token economic system. Instead, we use our platform governance token $GAMEBOY to stabilize our economy. It will be released and circulated gradually. Also, we do not have traditional token staking, which will help to keep the supply inflation low.