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888,000,888 4PLAY
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888,000,888 4PLAY
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About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn iGaming platform which requires players to use the 4PLAY tokens to play and power up NFT cards.

Our Approach Our approach is simple; remove barriers to entry to play (e.g. NFT cards are free or cheap), build competition, enable players to power up cards (farming community with secondary market), low cost of pay-to-play with high rewards, and enable players to bet against each other.

Rewarding Membership Programme Every person must be a member to play. Membership starts at $25 and is fully redeemable. The membership pool will be deployed in optimizers and algorithm based sports betting to generate a high APY return. Members will receive the following rewards: i) Automatic entry into an “Everyone Must Win” lottery ii) NFT Card mining, this allows players to get up and running without having to buy cards iii) 4PLAY mining

NFT Card Games We will build a wide variety of sports and fantasy card games where players pay a minimal fee in 4PLAY (mined from the membership pool or bought) to play against each other. They will be competing against each other in leagues and competitions to win prizes and bragging rights. In addition they can place bets against each other in crypto with the winner taking all (less a reasonable rake that goes to NFT4Play).

eSports We will apply the same principles to eSports with the only difference that players will be in leagues where they need to play the game on an esports platform. Players will be able to earn and win gaming assets that can be used in the eSports game wrapped in NFTs instead of NFT playing cards. Creating global tournaments with real prizes allows us to quickly leverage a huge community.

Card Farming and Secondary Market While cards are practically free to acquire, players will be able to improve their stats by locking them up and paying 4PLAY tokens. Not all players will want to take time to farm cards and farmers will therefore emerge who sell these cards on secondary markets to players that are willing to pay extra to play with stronger teams.

Additional Value Add We will add value by selling sports memorabilia, sports betting tips and eSports items – all of which can also be made available via 4PLAY based lotteries. These are not the “core” of the platform but add unique attractive features.

Factions We will enable factions on the platform via selling faction based NFTs which act as avatars. Factions will receive additional rewards in the membership programme compared to non-faction members and will have their own chat groups. This creates additional revenue streams through the sale of faction NFTs which communities can register on our platform to get real rewards.