MyWorld(MWT) has rebranded to Mint Marble. Find more details in their announcement. Please visit the Mint Marble page here.


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What is My World (MWT)?

My World is a social life service platform designed to provide an opportunity for users and particpants not only to have social life but also to have new business opportunities.

MWT is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Fees for NFT minting, transaction
  • Business-oriented economic activites such as NFT, transactions, shoping on the platform
  • Used for governance votes within My World ecosystem

What is My World Token Ecosystem?

The MyWorldToken(MWT) Token is the access key to participating in Meta-Place provided by My World and the key currency to use various utility features on the My World platform to be launched soon. MyWorldToken(MWT) has an additional utility feature closest to NFT’s Use Case, an important component that maintains the My World ecosystem, which aims to improve the value and functionality of NFT in the long run.

My World accumulates a portion of revenue and rewards in the DAO Pool (Treasury Reserve Pool), which have occurred through various economic activities within the platform and all transactions happening at the My World NFT Marketplace. These accumulated rewards provide each user with incentives proportional to their activities and efforts to encourage positive ecosystem expansion activities in My World, such as creative, branding, and marketing activities.

How does My World provide profits to users?

My World has a variety of methods to ensure the profitability of users. The goal is to establish a virtuous cycle to continuously develop the ecosystem through fair and transparent incentive policies.

First of all creators can directly experience a series of economic activities that directly create objects and sell them as a complete product by branding in My World. These products created in this way can be sold to other users through NFT minting, or they can claim permanent ownership.

NFT products can be traded between users through My World’s key token, MWT. When a transaction is completed, the seller takes most of the profits excluding fees within the range set by the policy limits My World’s fees occur in most activities that involve token transactions on My World, including those between users. A portion of the fees is accumulated in the Reserve Pool and provided to users who contributed to the My World ecosystem as rewards or incentives in the form of AirDrop according to the fair and transparent revenue allocation policy.

Furthermore, My World fairly and transparently presents a unique standard of m-Rate (a combination of various economic indicators, including fees from selling products) to maintain the value of the token ecosystem. The My World ecosystem is maintained through a release system that uses an automated mechanism that adjusts the reward method and amount of the Multiplexed Token Pool according to the inclination of graph obtained with the formula based on the standard."