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Why the name $MUSK & MuskSwap?

If anyone has amassed considerable power to move markets with a single tweet, it’s none other than the Elon Musk. With over 55 million followers, the celebrity CEO ‘literally’ shakes the market every time he posts something about cryptocurrencies on Twitter. $MUSK & MuskSwap was born to show admiration to elon musk's super projects like solarcity, tesla, space x and his constant influence on the world finance & the crypto market. His presence in this market will entail an effect and a huge capital inflow in the future. It is also very likely that it is a technologically superior alternative to the cryptocurrency industry. It is more beneficial for us to support Musk than to follow the opposing public opinion against his thoughts. After all, both on a personal and a market basis, Elon Musk has never aimed at manipulating anything crypto-related. We should support him because this amazing man is sure to do extraordinary things, something can be the future for crypto.

Decentralized Exchange

$MUSK is the native token of MuskSwap platform, which is a decentralized exchange allowing users to swap BEP-20 tokens. participating in liquidity pools & earn fee; and farming $MUSK by staking $MUSK or staking LP tokens. MuskSwap focuses on the strengths of decentralization. It secures personal ownership and anonymity in transactions, and contributes to make a closed ecosystem for cryptocurrencies, which are full of shortcomings in the current platforms. MuskSwap is built on Binance Smart Chain, which is the most modern protocol which can magically boost the speed of transactions and, at the same time, the other features are extremely versatile. Moreover, BSC transaction cost is much cheaper than another popular protocol – Ethereum network.

What can you do on MuskSwap platform? allows for all the following: § Trade/Swap BEP20 tokens via MuskSwap § Provide liquidity to the exchange and earn fees § Stake your LP (liquidity provider) tokens to earn MUSK token § Stake MUSK to earn more MUSK Join the community to support ElonMusk Joining MuskSwap community, the members have the place to share their thoughts and update the latest actions of this billionaire.

How Many $MUSK Tokens Are There in Circulation?

MUSK has a maximum total supply of 1,000,000 billion MUSK tokens and is distributed according to the fair launch mechanism.

Where Can You Get $MUSK?

As of Aug 2021, MUSK is available to buy via token sale, or swap on MuskSwap or PancakeSwap. Besides, you can also get MUSK rewards by staking and farming on the platform.

How Is the MuskSwap Network Secured?

MuskSwap can be securely stored on supported wallets that are connected to the Binance Smart Chain. These include MetaMask, TrustWallet, TokenPocket and WalletConnect.