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MOOW is Move-To-Earn fitness app with 3 core features:

  1. The heart rate algorithm allows users to do any activity to earn tokens. Not only outdoor walking or running. This point is actual for cold and hot countries! Moreover, it is attractive for people who prefer indoor activities!

  2. MOOW is paying attention to the huge group of people with mobility limitations.

  3. MOOW is Art! Its Creative Director is Misha Libertee, one of the most popular Techno-Renaissance artists in the Crypto community and Pop-culture. And all of MOOW NFTs are made in collaborations with Artists!

MOOW has 3 main NFT types:

  1. Heart tracking device - Pulse Tracker. There will be 10 000 Genesis Trackers which are given away to the Active part of the MOOW community absolutely for free.

  2. Loot box with the Tracker - PulseBox. There will be also 10 000 Gensesis PulseBoxes. Genesis PulseBoxes allow to get Genesis Pulse Trackers!

  3. Art NFT! All the Pulse trackers are the pieces of Art. If you have MOOW Pulse Tracker you will be able to unlock corresponding NFT Art which is made by one of the famous Artists!

Also, users will be able to breed their Pulse Tracker to Mint Brand new unique Pulse Trackers!

MOOW believes that Do_something-To-Earn projects are the future of building strong motivation to do any kind of activities.

MOOW is here to bring the brand new heart tracking algorithm to track users' activities which is breaking all the limitations of the current M2E market.