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What Is Mittens ($MITTEN)?

Mittens is a community token that is building an NFT breeding game for on the Ethereum blockchain.

MyMittens MyMittens is the pet simulator game under development based on the Tamagotchi. Holders of Mittens ($MITTEN) will be able to claim NFTs that will be playable in MyMittens. Players of MyMittens must care for their NFT cats in order to allow them to evolve and breed. This way a player is able to grow their NFT collection in a Play To Earn type style as NFTs can be staked to earn $MITTEN.

The Team The team is largely made up of those with expertise within Game Development and Design. There is a Marketing Team and a team focussed on Community Engagement. The majority of the team studied together.

Merchandise A range of merchandise has been designed and produced which is currently showcased by the team. Once the game has been released, a range of merchandise will be released that can be purchased by burning $MITTEN tokens.

Community Mittens has a loyal community that have waited patiently whilst utility has been developed, with a strong presence on both Telegram (EN, CH) and is now in the process of launching on Discord in line with the upcoming releases.

How Many Coins Are There in Circulation?

Mittens launched on November 7, 2021 with 1,000,000,000,000 MITTEN. 2% of every transaction goes to liquidity, 5% to marketing and 4% to development.

Where Can I Buy Mittens ($MITTEN)? Mittens is available to buy on Uniswap as it is an ERC20 token.