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What Is MIDA?

MIDA offers Institutions a new way to valorize the artworks they preserve through the creation and sale of unique NFT Masterpieces to the Metaverse’s collectors. MIDA creates value, innovates and connects people promoting the collective Cultural Heritage.

MIDA’s vision aims to the future and the next generations that will shape the way we conceive the artistic experience.

MIDA is creating a multilayer art platform consisting of a Boutique Marketplace and a Social Layer. The Marketplace is the main showcase of NFT works created by MIDA. The purchases within the marketplace are made in $MIDA, the platfom’s native token. At a later stage, users will also be able to use the platform to buy and sell their NFTs.

Through the Boutique Marketplace, MIDA will be able to offer a global stage to the art pieces of new talents and give life to a new type of relationship between collectors and creators, allowing the former to finance their artistic research.

The Social Layer, instead, is composed of a feed aggregator, user profiles and their posts. Users can show appreciation via social token received from $MIDA’s Staking: Stendhal (SDH). Each post may be subject to SDH allocation up to the amount chosen by the user. The more a post is subject to SDH, the more visible it will be in the aggregate feed.

Who Are the Founders of MIDA?

CEO of MIDA is Gianfranco Prior. He worked for years in the Venetian luxury real estate market and managed commercial and residential transactions with investment funds and banking institutions.

Luca Sciullo, CTO, is currently an Expert at the European Commission and a Postdoc Research Fellow at the University of Bologna, Italy. Luca has already founded and taken part in other start-ups gaining experience on how to develop and implement an idea.

Marco Galiazzo, CPO, is an expert in mechanics with years of experience in leading companies operating in the television sector. He is the person in charge of the transmuting works of art from physical to digital form.

Davide Petrelli, CFO, has an educational background in Finance and he spent several years of work as credit manager for a luxury made in Italy fashion brand.

Tommaso Sartorato is the Networker with business economics background built in event organization in Milan. He has a wide network consisting of private collectors and artists around Italy.

Luca Veschetti, COO, has a Business Management background with experience in Business Development for big F&B players.

Lorenzo Gigli, Tech Lead, spent several years of work as a software engineer and software architect for different companies in the context of Web and Blockchain technologies.

What Makes MIDA Unique?

MIDA creates a bridge between the traditional art world and the expanding Web 3.0; these two realities are connected through the NFT masterpiece, a virtual alter-ego of the physical artwork within the Metaverse. MIDA’s digital alias maintains the characteristics of its physical counterpart: Uniqueness and Authenticity.

MIDA offer museums and foundations, preserving renowned artworks, a new way to enhance their value through the creation of unique NFTs. This new opportunity will also support them in the economic burden of preserving artistic heritage, while providing them with a cutting-edge tool to promote, indirectly, the physical works and the institutions that conserve them

From a physical masterpiece, MIDA only mints 2 NFTs, one kept by the Museum and the other commercialized via auction. The digital copies are signed and authenticated by the director of the Museum.

The majority of the proceeds are remunerated to the institution holding the physical artwork to support them in the economic burden of preserving the Collective Cultural Heritage. MIDA brings a new revenue stream to Museums, hardly hit by Covid-19 related restrictions, offering a new type of Institution backed NFTs.

The NFT Masterpiece, in addition to its collectible value and its use in metaverse exhibitions, acts as a key to accessing a “Golden Circle” of great art lovers, new talents and renowned critics, connecting them in a social network for the mutual benefit of the participants.

This operation will also be carried out with galleries and contemporary artists creating a parallel art market, in which the NFT copy that is sold acts as a membership card for access to the artist's network allowing collectors to have a direct relationship with him, financing also the artistic research of the artist.

Moreover, MIDA’s Portraits act as entry pass to MIDA ecosystem, a collection of 4000 handcrafted portraits of characters from a dimension mirroring our own, where art is power and opposing organizations compete to realize their worldview.

Owning a MIDA’s Portrait allows access to the value generated by the MIDA’s ecosystem, including IRL events in exclusive locations such as villas and historic palaces around Europe, priority drops of well known contemporary artists, co-ownership of MIDA’s virtual gallery system, and much more.