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MicroCats is aiming to bring about virality through its choice of name and logo. Whilst paying homage to the massive Cat trend hype and the Micro trend, we believe in the potential of this project to do well. The Utility we will deliver to this project and investors includes:

-Staking -Nfts -Nft marketplace -P2E game

These utilities we bring to the project will be accompanied by viral marketing to ensure the growth and awareness of the project. We are aiming to market this globally and bring in investors to play our play2earn game which will comprise of an abundance in rewards for the investors on board. Currently the NFTs, NFT marketplace and the NFT staking is available as well as a Certik Audit and official KYC badge from SolidProof on the presale launchpad Dxsale. Our vision is to inherently create a project which comprises of virality and humour to ensure that the community will stay interested. We will ensure we market this project such that it brings an atmosphere of joy within all investors. More information will continue to be provided as we reach certain milestones of the project and utilise the budget to further our utilities.