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What is METAZONX? METAZONX adopts the concept of Own-to-Earn (O2E), a Metaverse combining NFT, DeFi and Gamefi. Landlords, who have land NFT, could customize their land with $ZONX to buy and place more properties with avatars on the land, boosting the land value, thus forming an ongoing reward stream.

What are Lands, Properties and Avatars? Own Your Lands There are 5 tiers of 3 x 3 grid land ranging from Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Epic, and Legendary, with 5 to 9 plots, respectively. It is also designed with 4 different scenery of desert, snow land, grassland and metropolis, hence making up a total of 20 different types of land design. A total of 10,000 Metazonx land mystery boxes will be released in 2 parts: 1,000 boxes for presale and 9,000 boxes for public mint. Whitelisted users can buy these mystery boxes at 1 BNB each, limited to 1 land per user, while the public can mint the remaining boxes at 2 BNB each, limited to 10 lands per user. Your land tier is the key metric for harvesting the one-time reward. For instance, a landlord with Legendary Land can harvest 3,000 $ZONX.

Build Your Properties Other than land design, NFT rarity also depends on the Properties built on your land. Landlords can build 1-of-1 properties with different traits, categorised as Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Epic or Legendary tier. Every property on land represents an NFT to attract an ongoing reward stream. Higher tier properties can help you generate higher rewards. So, just mint any of the 66,500 unique properties such as landmarks, buildings and landscapes to boost the value of your land! Those exclusive properties will be released seasonally.

Harvest with Avatars There are 10,000 unique Avatars to be released in Metazonx. Landlords can raise the value of their lands through the purchase of avatars. These 1-of-1 avatars act as a booster for landlords to harvest more rewards. It gives you an extra reward rate, but only 1 avatar can be placed on land at a time. Additionally, avatars play a significant role as a user’s identity marker and their NFT wallet’s profile picture.

How many $ZONX are there in circulation? There is 1,000,000,000 $ZONX in circulation. The Token Distribution and Allocation are as follows: * Staking Rewards: 42% * Launchpad & Public Sales: 10% * Community Building: 10% * Team: 10% * Development Funds: 10% * METAZONX Harvest Rewards: 6% * Advisory & Strategic Funds: 5% * Reserve & Charity Funds: 5% * Presale & Liquidity Pool: 2%