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Vision: This year, the virtual asset market is active than ever due to the De-Fi boom. Nevertheless, our development team believes that the De-Fi market is still immature and is the beginning of a future financial business with unlimited potential for development. Therefore, we prepared this project from a long-term perspective. In January this year, the Pancakeswap's TVL hit $300 million, and the APE swap's TVL was about $50 million. Today, Pancakeswap TVL is at $1 billion and APE swap is approaching $300 million. We are benchmarking them. We don't keep up with trends like Harvest Rock and Layered Farming for long-term planning. those trends will only be used to boost the value of MEOW SWAP's governance tokens in future separate projects. We stand at a beginning of a project that is not just for a week but something meant to last for decades and centuries. "We are here to stay, grow and succeed." Transparency: Disclosure of operating funds to the community. Fairness: The community can participate in decision-making, and there is no tyranny by minority whales in this process.

Basic Information Token Name: MEOWToken Token Symbol: MEOW Contract Address: 0xE8658B07c555E9604329A6a0A82FF6D9c6F68D2F Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) Max Supply: Unlimited Emission rate 1 Meow / block 9.09% dev for further partnership & developer funds. Initial Mint 26000 MEOW Token will be minted: 20,000: Pre-sale (price: 0.1 BNB per MEOW) 5,000: PancakeSwap liquidity (Listing price 0.1bnb) MEOW-BNB 1000: Marketing and Airdrop The remaining tokens will be burned