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Launching in Q4 2022 by a team based in Europe, MAXX Finance is a smart contract platform that replicates the traditional Certificate of Deposit but on the blockchain. It allows users to stake their MAXX tokens to earn fixed interest, up to 80% APY. It also has NFT functionality, and is backed by ownership of Validator Nodes.

A community DAO manages the MAXXVault, which collects fees from trade tax and early unstakes. The usage of these funds will be voted on by the community, to use on things such as purchasing additional Validator Nodes, Marketing, Conferences, Token Burns etc.

MAXX is having a fair launch via a Liquidity Amplifier stage. This avoids whales owning a large amount of the supply for an unfairly cheap price.

A FreeClaim is also available for the first 365 days, to anyone who holds native tokens across 6 blockchains on a set snapshot date: ETH on Ethereum, FTM on Fantom, AVAX on Avalanche, BNB on Binance Smart Chain, Matic on Polygon, and CRO on blockchain.

What makes MAXX different from its competitors? There are only 3 or 4 similar tokens, however, all have their flaws. Some have very unfair tokenomics, leaving the OA owning over 80% of the supply, others changed the tokenomics after a few months and destroyed how the token functions. We intend on making MAXX as fair as possible, and only 5% of the supply is reserved for the team, which will be vested out slowly over 5 years.